Palau Ferré’s ceramics are remarkable for their original shapes, colors and designs.

Palau  Ferré used to say: “I like to make ceramics because you work with volumes, which is always interesting for an artist who moves himself within flat surfaces”.  


“What articularizes his ceramics are the accented qualities of its red colors, oranges, golds, live solar explosions, balanced blues, gray lunar reflections, greenish marine tones; contrasted blacks and whites, expression of an ceramic initiation, the manual work reflected in light, bent sacred devotion to maintain the flame lit, incarnation of the sun lightning; maintenance of the heat, transmitter of life fed in the oven, atanor alchemic evocation.

The decoration of stylized images (the spiritual way) in Palau Ferré pieces identifies his ceramics with his own pictorial and sculptorical production: roosters, pigeons, fauns, benevolent dazed demons; girls pouring the creative solar vigor; lyrical profiles of continuous trace, dilated pupils, expression of a born again pleasure to live, figures dance under the murmur of fantastic dreams impelled beyond; forms that show balance, and interior temperate peace refound, warmed, vivacious fire of his particular charm”.

Josep Vallés Rovira

Member of International Association of Art Critics and the Catalan Association of Art Critics.

Excerpt from the book “Maties Palau Ferré” Diccionari Rafols, Barcelona, 1997.

“Palau Ferré’s ceramics have also brilliant colors corresponding with shapes which, while within the popular tradition, describe new situations. Some of these may appear impossible and some too common, but in their globality they form an ensemble in which you can find the feeling that the artist would dream for our human society; a society which loves itself so much that has cast aside the individuals that form it”. 


Josep M. Cadena

Art Magazine writer 

Excerpt from the Preface to the catalog of Palau Ferré’s exhibition at C’an Sisteré ,  Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, Spain,  May-June 1992.


At the Museo de Arte Palau Ferré  in Montblanc, Tarragona, a considerable amount of ceramics are in exhibition, showing the artist’s evolution in the world of ceramics.