1951- Exhibition at the National Fine Arts Exposition, Barcelona, Spain.
1954- Exhibition at the Seventh October Salon, Barcelona, Spain.
1955- Exhibition at the Third Biannual Hispano-American Art Exposition, within the Eight October Salon, Barcelona, Spain.

Exhibition at the "Sala Gaspar" Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

Exhibition at the Ninth October Salon, Barcelona, Spain.


Exhibition at the Tenth (and last) October Salon, Barcelona, Spain.

Exhibition at the Atheneum, Madrid, Sapain.

Exhibition at the National Book, London, UK.Receives a grant from the French Government for postgraduate Art studies at the Fine Arts School, Paris, France.

1959- Continues his postgraduate Art studies in Paris, under a grant from the French Government , with the Russian sculptor ZBO.
Exhibition at the "Paul Cezanne" Art Gallery, Paris, France.
1961- Returns to Paris, with another grant from the French Government for postgraduate Art studies at the Italian Art School and the Fine Arts School, Paris, France.
Exhibition at the "Salon Terres Latines" Art Gallery, Paris, France.
Exhibition in the 72nd Exposition de la Societe des Artistes Independants at the Grand Palais, Paris, France.
1970- Exhibition at the National Library, Madrid, Spain.
1971- Invited, as the only painter, by the Syracuse University, New York, USA, in the conmemorative events of the 90th birthday of Picasso.
1984- The Aulas de Arte Iberoamericanas and a group of friens organize an homage to Palau Ferré at Restaurante La Bastilla, Palacio de Liria, Madrid, Spain.
1989- Exhibition at Caixa de Barcelona Foundation, Tarragona, Spain.
1992- Exhibition at "Can Sisteré" Art Gallery, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Spain.
1993- Exhibition at the Mechanicsburg Art Centre, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania,USA.
Exhibition at the Organization of American States, Washington, DC. USA.
1994- Exhibition at the Gothic Court of the Regional Council of the Solsonés,Solsona, Spain.
1995- Placement of the vitrified ceramic sculpture "Holy Family", 18 ft tall, at the façade of the Holy Family Church in Seu D'Urgell, Spain.
1998- Exhibition at the Catalan History Museum of Barcelona. The exhibition is itinerant, and is closed after two months in exhibition at the Gothic Church of the Castle of San Miguel de Escornalbou, Spain.
1999- Paints "Holy Christ" for the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet, Spain.
2000- Dies the 1st of January and is designated Preeminent Son of Montblanc by the Municipal Council of Montblanc.
Exhibition, Homage to Palau Ferré by the citizens of Montblanc, with paintings from private collections, opened the day of his birthday, August 24.

The Modern Art Museum of Tarragona, Spain, presents one Palau Ferré painting from his early period whitin the exhibition "20th Century Art".

 Creation of the Fundació d'Art Palau Ferré.

Inauguration of the Palau Ferré Art Museum, Montblanc, April 8.