The official presentation of the Fundació d’Art Palau Ferré took place at the Museo de Arte Palau Ferré, on April 6, 2001, as a public event with attendance of relevant personalities of the world of culture, arts, media, authorities and general public.  


Amongst the objectives of the Fundació it is specially remarkable (Art. 4, para. a.  of the bylaws): “The exhibition,  cataloguing, preservation, study, promotion and diffusion of the art and thinking of Maties Palau Ferré”.

One of the initial tasks of the Fundació, in order to bring the work and figure of Palau Ferré closer to all cultural and social entourages, is to offer educational activities and services.

In the near future the calendar and schedule of activities will be announced.

The Fundació has a service to provide educational information to art scholars and general public, as well as a Media Office to provide for the needs of press and other media.

  Foundation      977 86 08 33

          Museun         977 86 32 33