Montblanc is the capital of the Conca de Barberá, interior region of the province of  Tarragona, located in the sud-occidental part of Catalonia, in the nor-oriental corner of Spain. By highway, it is located aproximately 75 miles south of Barcelona

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Montblanc is a Dukedom Village, and preserves a magnificent monumental heritage from its epoch of splendor during the middle ages, amongst them remarkable biuldings such as the Walls, the Archpriesthood church of Santa Maria, curch of San Miguel, church of San Francisco, Hospital of Santa Magdalena, Royal Palace, and the Casa Desclergue manor.

The historical district inner to the Walls has been declared  Conjunto Monumental Histórico Artístico, and the village expects to be designated Humankind Heritage by year 2006. 


Montblanc is easily accesible by road, exit at Km. 198 of Highway A-2, as well as train station and bus station.

(For train and bus timetables, please call:

Trains    RENFE:  977-860032

Buses  :  977-229126)


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