The official inauguration of the Museu D’ Art Palau Ferré (Palau Ferré’s Art Museum) took place on April, 8, 2001.

The existence of the Museum has been made possible by the Cooperation Agreement between the Palau Ferré Art Foundation and the Municipal Council of the Village of Montblanc.

It is located in the center of the the historical district of the Dukedom Village of Montblanc, province of Tarragona, Spain, in the old Palau manor house where Maties Palau Ferré was born and raised. The ground and first floor have been reconditioned to become the Museum. Its postal address is:

Museo de Arte Palau Ferré

C/. River, 17

43400 –Montblanc


The location appears in the map of Montblanc with the letter “M”

  The building was constructed during the Middle ages and suffered many transformations along the centuries. The ground floor, currently, shows the original stone arches and walls that have been supporting, and still do, the weight of the structure for more than six hundred years. Palau Ferré was always very proud of the house, both for the building and for the fact that it has been the family manor house for many generations. Today it constitutes a cultural focal point to admire, enjoy and think Maties Palau Ferré’s art.  

The Museum displays a selected sample of his artwork, pictorial as well as sculpture, and ceramics, to appreciate the evolutive process of the artist.



From his early years several pencil drawings are in display; from his Paris time, a group of monotypes; from his years of return and settlement in Montblanc, and the subsequent years, several remarkable oils on canvas, and from his production after his personal catharsis, a beautiful  collection of chinese ink on paper paintings, as well as many sculptures and ceramics and lithographs drawn with a single stroke.

Amongst the emblematic works in exhibit, there is the “Guer-Blanc”, which Maties Palau Ferré painted in 1971 and was presented in exhibition at the Picasso’s 90th anniversary homage which took place in Syracuse, New York, U.S.A., sponsored by the Syracuse University. Palau Ferré was the only painter  invited. Other important works at the Museum are the “Saint James and the Dragon” and several  paintings and sculptures which were exhibited in Washington D.C., U.S.A. in 1993, at the Organization of American States.




( October 1 - March 31 )

s to Fridays:  11 to 13
s:  11 to 13  and  17 to 19
Sundays and Holidays:  12  to  14.



( April 1 - September 30 )

s to Saturdays:  11 to  13  and  17 to  19
Sundays and Holidays:   1
2  to  14


25  December
1 January
ALL Mondays not a holiday
Information and reserves:
    Museum  977 86 32 33

Foundation  977 86 08 33



Inside the Museum is FORBIDDEN:
- Photos or film or video.
- Smoking.
- Consuming food or drinks.