Maties Palau Ferré’s personality was lively, fun, ironic, fond of humankind and with a big heart. He was a welcoming, dreaming character, full of solidarity and with strong distinctive personal ways.

He always attributed great importance to family and friendship.

Talking about himself, he said : “I know how I am, I know myself, I know where I want to go. I have, like every man, my inner deep truth. Painting is the way in which I express it, the way I feel it inside. That’s why I never tried to destroy, but to build, to integrate”.

Maties Palau Ferré created most of his artwork in Montblanc, province of Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain, and from this Village projected his personality and his art internationally. Palau Ferré used to say: “In Montblanc I feel free”, freedom he needed to be able to create.




  Maties Palau Ferré expressed by ways of his paintings, sculptures and ceramics everything that had a special significance for him, not reflecting reality, but his own internal world of sensations and feelings